How to go from

Idea to IPO

At Sightbox we focus on startups at every stage.

Starting at $5K

Idea Stage

Every great startup has to start somewhere. The Idea Stage is where we start with the basics based on your big idea. We go through industry best practices as well as our own homegrown methodologies to unlock your startup’s true potential. Start with nothing more than an idea on the back of a napkin and leave with a brand and a pitch deck ready to raise.

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Starting at $10K

Early Stage

It’s beta or bust. In Early Stage, we focus on building your MVP, your brand, and your go-to-market strategy, all the way to the final launch. Whether you have a team or just raw ambition, we’re here to help you get your startup off the ground with grace.

Starting at $15K

Growth Stage

Grow big or go home. When it comes to the Growth Stage we audit your current growth strategies and search for ways to either optimize or hack our way to your goal. We’ll look for new opportunities that unlock new markets or new models that unlock new revenue for added scale. Once we identify the approach we assist your team in developing the plan and execution to get there.

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Venture Stage

Calling all unicorn breeders. In our Venture Stage, we focus on helping you realize your portfolio’s growth potential by working as part of your team. We help audit and identify opportunity areas as well as groom your startups from top to bottom until they look like a billion bucks.