Introducing idea stage from Sightbox

Start up your startup

Everyone has an idea

Few have the courage

We know the feeling. That time when inspiration strikes. You have an idea so good you can’t wait to do something with it. But you have no idea where to start. That’s why created Idea Stage, our suite of services designed specifically for those who need a way to start their startup.

Idea Stage is based on years of experience utilizing industry best practices as well as our own mix of methodologies, all condensed down into a bite-sized package of startup essentials. We help you focus your idea, validate it, brand it, and prepare it for fundraising. It’s a big step for your big idea.

Where you start isn’t as important as

Where you finish.

Great ideas often take on a life on their own. We help ensure that it’s a long one. As a startup in Idea Stage, our goal is to prepare you for what’s next. We help make sure you have what you need to properly present your ideas as a serious enterprise, not just your latest scheme. From there we move you on to Early Stage, Growth Stage, and along with your VC, the Venture Stage. From there the sky’s the limit.

Idea Stage Package Starting at $5,000

Don’t fake it.
Make it.

Idea Stage Canvas

We help organize your idea into the ‘business plan for startups’, making sure the idea has proper product-market fit, strong defensibility, and large growth potential.

Early Market Validation

Knowing what your audience will think about your product or service is half the battle. We help you find out through a variety of market research techniques and tools that will help give feedback and credibility to what you’re building.


What’s in a name? We think there’s a lot that naming can do to both help or hinder your startup. Oftentimes it’s the one thing you need someone to remember and we help make sure it’s a good memory to have.


More than just a logo and colors, branding speaks the language of your startup. We help ensure it speaks with confidence. Captured in an essential style guide, we help shape the future of your startup, one pixel at a time.

Landing Page

It’s important to have a place you can call your own. We design and develop a landing page for your startup in order for you to have a starting place for your big idea, get signups, and post important updates and messages.

Friends and Family Pitch Deck

Now that you have the essentials in place, it’s time to spread the news. We help create your Friends and Family Pitch Deck in order for you to get your close group of supports on your side, and your first round of investment.

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